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Healthy menu plans

JK Health & Nutrition healthy meal plans are based around balanced healthy food choices, and can be tailored to help you lose, maintain or gain weight, for optimum health and well being. If you are lacking time or inspiration to plan your meals, or training for a specific goal then the healthy meal plans are ideal for you.


To ensure the meal plans are personalised and contain foods you like, you will be asked to complete a simple food and drink questionnaire, along with a health/lifestyle questionnaire.

What will I receive?

• You will receive a 2 week personalised meal plan (generally composed of 3 meals and 3 snacks a day) based on your requirements, and individual food preferences. Your menu plans will be tailored to fit your lifestyle and cooking abilities. So if you usually cook from scratch, or use convenience/ready meals your menu plan will reflect this.


• Any recipies you need to create the meals in your healthy meal plan.


• A shopping list for all the foods/drinks included in the meal plan.

How to book

Meal plans can be purchased using the link below or as an addition to your nutritional/dietetic consultation.


If you have any questions, or would like further information on the diet analysis then please contact us. 

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